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The First Time I saw Paris

Samah Hakim from Morocco

By Correspondent Samah Hakim in Paris, France

– To leave my little home in a small village in the south of Morocco and go to France for the first time in my life. I agree it is a big chance for me because not everyone in my village can do it.

The trees, lights and the Eiffel Tower : I felt bewitched, I felt free.

I walked around the streets, the Champs-élysées, the big wheel and Christmas trees, with a big cotton candy in my hand…I felt my eyes illuminating, my heart too.

IMG_9156People passed, smiling, women were shiny, full of a glamor I have never seen before. Even the birds were singing a ballad in the rain, a glorious rain with splinters, as warm as a day among my little family in my small village in Morocco. It reminded me of my childhood, when it rained on our little roof then we went out, little children of the sun, surprised and happy to see God sending us Its warm drops of rain. We jumped for joy, caressed by the odor of the rain and the sun together…

(…) Night fell, I love the night passionately, I love it as I love my country, with a deep and an instinctive love and with all my senses. But in Paris ? I confess that I have never seen so much light at night in my whole life. People from over the world were there, everybody was singing, dancing, laughing and talking… I was already tired of walking the long streets, my hear was wet, my raincoat too, my hands were sticky,my eyes were shining and telling a big memory, a true story about The First Time I Saw Paris.

Samah Hakim Samah Hakim
Samah lives in Morocco.

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