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Candid Musings with Vox Humana Europe Editor Andreea Buza

Andreea from Arad, Romania

Special video correspondence by Andreea Buza in Arad, Romania

Vox Humana Europe Editor Andreea Buza hails from Arad, a town situated in the western edge of the Romanian region known as Transylvania. Arad boasts a long, amazing, rich history, stunning architecture, and resilient people. However, today the area suffers from economic struggles, a tenuous relationship with freedom, and a questionable outlook for the future.

Andreea recently shot a video sharing a little about herself, including her aspirations for studying abroad and a hope for a brighter Romania. Please enjoy her candid correspondence in the video below.

Andreea Andreea
Andreea is from Arad, Romania. Her blog, 50 Shades of Andreea, may be read here: http://welcometowhereveryouuare.blogspot.ro/.

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