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New Year All Over the World

NYE fireworks in London

By Correspondent Anna Kandula in Southall, United Kingdom. New Year is one of a few — if not the only one — holidays that is truly international and celebrated all

Culture of Finland

By Aleksander Rozkrut in Vaaksy, Finland. Finns love to think of themselves as one of the most modern nations in the world and that’s what they are. They are usually

Romanian clothes

Woman in romanian traditional clothing

By Correspondent Cristian Pascalau in Arad, Romania. Every country has a traditional clothing that defines it and makes it stand out with something unique such as a funny hat or



By correspondents Jérémy Saint-Peyre and Joseph Allobbeh in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (as told to them by Angellera) I am twenty-four, my name is Angellera. I was born in Kibera and

Serbian caviar

A jar of ajvar

By Correspondent Mirna Gacesa from Belgrade, Serbia. Serbian caviar for cold winter time There are so many unique and specific places in this world, but just few of them express

November Is Culture Month


In November we celebrate culture. Our correspondents share the vibrant foods, clothing, languages, traditions, customs, and other time-honored elements of their homelands. This month they allow us to see, touch,