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Independence Celebration along with “Dependent ones: Orphans”

It was Independence Day and new holiday for me. I missed last Sunday as I had to do attend office. Most importantly, I missed my every Sunday’s charity work also.

Jambo Bwana – Hello Mister

The Mutheu Sisters from Kenya share a local traditional song, welcoming us all to Kenya! “Jambo Bwana” (in Swahili “Hello Mister”) is one of the best internationally-known Kenyan pop songs. It was first released


Poornima from Sri Lanka

By Correspondent Poornima Sajani Dodangoda in Western Province, Sri Lanka – Sun has arisen for another beautiful yet usual day for many others but me. Beautiful it is for me

Life from my point of view

By Correspondent Serena Grilletti in Putignano, Italy –My name is Serena Grilletti and I was born in a little town called Putignano in the south of Italy. I was born