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A White Christmas Full of Love

This is a picture of Laura's Christmas tree

By Correspondent Laura Zaiceanu in Arad, Romania. Christmas is probably the most known and loved holiday around the world. Like every other celebration we have our own ways and traditions

5 living myths in Croatia

By Correspondent Luka Kujundžić Lujan in Split, Croatia. I am Luka and it is time learn some interesting facts, myths and stereotypes about my country Croatia. Croatia has recently become a

Montenegrian Cuisine

By Correspondent Nikola Tvrdisic in Podgorica, Montenegro. If someone asked me what I can offer to tourists in my own country, in addition of standard of accommodation and stay at

Culture of Finland

By Aleksander Rozkrut in Vaaksy, Finland. Finns love to think of themselves as one of the most modern nations in the world and that’s what they are. They are usually

Romanian clothes

Woman in romanian traditional clothing

By Correspondent Cristian Pascalau in Arad, Romania. Every country has a traditional clothing that defines it and makes it stand out with something unique such as a funny hat or



By correspondents Jérémy Saint-Peyre and Joseph Allobbeh in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (as told to them by Angellera) I am twenty-four, my name is Angellera. I was born in Kibera and

Serbian caviar

A jar of ajvar

By Correspondent Mirna Gacesa from Belgrade, Serbia. Serbian caviar for cold winter time There are so many unique and specific places in this world, but just few of them express

The uninvited passenger

By Correspondent Ales Verlic in Ptuj, Slovenia. The story takes place near Huda luknja (roughly translated as “the mean hole”), on the road from Velenje to Slovenj Gradec in the