"documenting our world one voice at a time"


How to Write for Us

Here is how to contribute an article, photo, video, or other type of dispatch to Vox Humana:

  1. Review our submission guidelines to ensure your contribution will meet our requirements.
  2. Email us a brief summary of your dispatch idea and state whether it will be an article, a photographic essay, a video or audio clip, or other type of contribution.
  3. We will review your idea and, if we approve it, send you instructions on how and where to submit your first dispatch and receive payment.
  4. After receiving your dispatch, we will send you payment.

You do not have to be a professional writer, photographer, or videographer to contribute a dispatch. We want raw and personal stories that reveal what life is like in your world from your perspective. We want the authentic story from an authentic person, not necessarily a polished narrative filtered through a professional writer and then an editor who are disconnected from the real-life, personal experience.

We want to hear your voice.


At the present time, we are paying our correspondents. Our current standard rate is $5 per dispatch. As our donations and sponsorships grow, we will increase this rate.

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!